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Carthage United Methodist Church

Post Office Box 169

201 East Franklin Street

Carthage, MS 39051

Office Phone: (601) 267-8838

Office Fax: (601) 267-9037

Ray Henderson Hall Phone: (601) 267-5668


Church Office Email: Click HERE


Text notification service

Would you like to receive updates and announcements on your phone? Enroll in one, two, or all of our text message notification groups.

Text the keyword below that coresponds with the updates you'd like to receive. Send the text to 95577. You'll receive a response when you successfully enroll. For each group, send a separate text.

CarthageUM (general church annoucements)

childrencumc (children's activity announcements)

cumcmusic (choir announcements)

cumcprayer (prayer chain notifications)